SentinelOne’s WatchTower | Transforming Proactive Defense with Advanced 24/7 Threat Hunting Capabilities

Security teams face an uphill battle as stealthy threats and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) become increasingly adept at slipping past conventional security tools, leaving organizations at heightened risk. It’s a game of digital hide-and-seek against well-funded and well-resourced adversaries that are proving to be ever more difficult to detect. The longer these threats go unnoticed, the greater the cyber risk becomes – and when an adversary is successful, the financial impact of a data breach can average $4.45M.

But what if we could change the game? SentinelOne’s innovative WatchTower services are designed to augment security teams and help them stay ahead of adversaries, offering a fresh approach to uncovering the elusive threats that traditional methods often miss.

Why is Threat Hunting So Important?

Threat hunting is a proactive, systematic exploration for potential cyber threats lurking within an organization’s network or systems. It’s not about waiting for alerts from security tools; it’s actively seeking out the hidden dangers that may have slipped past these traditional security measures.

Threat hunting is more than just another activity in the SOC – it’s the constant practice of uncovering adversaries who are silently hiding in your network, patiently waiting to launch an attack or achieve their malicious objectives. Instead of simply reacting to threats, hunting proactively seeks out to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risk. A combination of manual and automated techniques come into play, including delving into security events, carrying out network scans, and leveraging threat intelligence feeds. The primary goal is to spot potential threats at the earliest kill-chain stage possible, ideally before they’ve had a chance to impact the organization.

This isn’t a task for just any security solution or team – it requires a platform that integrates cross-domain security data and the expertise of threat-hunting professionals. These skilled individuals possess strong analytical and technical abilities, perfectly equipped to lead the hunt. When paired with the right security platform, threat hunters are technically empowered with:

The ability to quickly execute searches for newly discovered threats across historical security telemetry
Access to the newest Threat Intelligence combined with a tailored hunting approach. Threat Intelligence provides the ability to find a needle in a haystack; looking for behavioral attack patterns across seemingly benign events is an invaluable addition to cross-domain detections

By embracing cyber threat hunting and threat hunting practices, organizations can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks, ensuring the security and availability of their systems and networks remain intact.

Unveiling the WatchTower Lineup

A New Era of Threat Hunting with SentinelOne

SentinelOne is excited to announce the general availability (GA) of its expanded AI-infused managed threat hunting services, WatchTower and WatchTower Pro. Building off an established foundation in serving customers around the world, this release marks the start of a new era of threat hunting due to numerous upgrades in threat hunting methodologies. WatchTower and WatchTower Pro now incorporate advanced AI technologies and more robust threat intelligence feeds. With SentinelOne’s WatchTower team at your back, you’re not just responding to threats but actively hunting them down, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in improving risk posture.

Coupled with the Singularity Platform’s detection capabilities, customers who opt for WatchTower are backed by a team of threat hunting experts on standby 24/7 to hunt and stop adversary behavior. WatchTower offers intelligence-driven and behavior-based threat hunting, backed by expert human analysis, to help security teams maximize threat visibility and identify emergent attackers across every part of their business. The expanded capabilities of WatchTower include:

24/7 real-time threat hunting
Retrospective threat hunting across all historical data
Anomalous and suspicious behavior detection
Multi-faceted hunting approach, including intelligence-based, behavioral & AI-driven threat hunting
Expanded coverage against known and emergent threats
Detailed reporting on hunting activities and findings in the environment
Access to WatchTower’s in-house threat intelligence library, including behavioral hunting queries, indicators of compromise, and more.
Monthly reporting on the global threat landscape

Customized Approach to Threat Hunting with WatchTower Pro

Customers that require a highly customized threat and risk hunting approach should look to WatchTower Pro. Building on the features of WatchTower, WatchTower Pro adds:

Detailed enterprise-wide compromise & security risk assessments multiple times throughout the year, along with mitigation guidance
Custom hunting support via a dedicated Threat Hunter, including on-demand threat hunting and intelligence support
Darkweb exposure hunting and domain mimic monitoring
A bespoke and detailed plan to evolve your corporate security and risk posture

About WatchTower Threat Hunters

The SentinelOne WatchTower Threat Hunting team is comprised of experienced threat hunters from around the globe to ensure round-the-clock defenses of your cyber estate. Skilled hunters sweep through threat intelligence sources, global events, and malware families to automate the most prevalent threat hunts and set regular threat hunting schedules for less prevalent, but still potential threats. Our continued investment in automation enables us to scale every week, so your WatchTower analyst can perform additional hunts on your behalf.


Threat Expertise on Tap

In cybersecurity, we’re seeing a prolonged skills gap – especially in skilled roles like threat hunting – that can often leave in-house teams scrambling to keep up. This is where managed services step in – a powerful strategy to bolster your defenses and make even the smallest teams more potent in their fight against adversaries. Imagine having access to a pool of specialized talent, ready to augment your existing team’s threat hunting capabilities. This isn’t just about filling in the gaps; it’s about amplifying your capabilities, offering fresh perspectives, and bringing proven approaches to your cybersecurity needs.

Confidently Navigate the Threat Landscape with Unparalleled Threat Intelligence

WatchTower flash and monthly reports are your comprehensive guide in navigating the complex terrain of threats. Get tailored insights to help you better understand your environment and effectively strategize your next move. We’re harnessing the power of machine learning and AI and integrating them into our threat hunting algorithms so customers get enhanced effectiveness, sharper predictions, and more precise countermeasures against threats. Why choose between human expertise and industry-leading technology when you can have the best of both?

Read this year’s WatchTower 2023 End of Year Report for expert analysis of the top cyber threats of 2023 and predictions for 2024.

WatchTower now integrates expanded intelligence sources, providing an enriched set of atomic and behavioral IOC hunting capabilities. This is further bolstered by rapidly growing libraries for Linux, OSX, and Cloud behavioral hunting, significantly expanding the scope of threat detection. WatchTower also automates host-based YARA and forensic artifact collection for hunt verifications.

For organizations seeking to outsource more of their security operations, combining WatchTower Services with our Vigilance MDR and DFIR services ensures that all threats, even those detected through WatchTower’s enhanced visibility, are promptly acted upon and mitigated by a skilled investigation and response team.

24 x 7 Risk Reduction

Adopting SentinelOne’s WatchTower services results in considerable risk reduction across business operations by providing continuous and proactive threat identification. With 24/7 real-time threat hunting, investigation, and containment, threats are identified and contained before they can disrupt your business. WatchTower covers a wide spectrum of threats ranging from hidden Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and covert cyber crime to policy misuse and insider threats. Even vulnerabilities resulting from poor security practices or environmental factors are addressed.

WatchTower Pro also provides a designated threat hunter who conducts comprehensive compromise and risk assessments in your environment. The integration of machine learning and AI into threat-hunting algorithms significantly enhances the effectiveness of these proactive measures.


Staying one step ahead of threats is not just a lofty goal, but a business necessity. SentinelOne’s suite of advanced security services, including the newly updated WatchTower and WatchTower Pro, equips you with the tools, insights, and expertise to meet whatever challenges you’re facing head-on.

Whether it’s uncovering stealthy threats with AI-powered threat hunting or fortifying your defenses with our globally distributed team of seasoned threat hunters, we stand ready to elevate your security posture. At SentinelOne, we’re not just about responding to threats – we help you proactively anticipate and eliminate risk before it can impact your business.

Personalized 24×7 threat hunting services and expert analysis to help security teams maximize threat visibility and identify emergent attackers.

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