Frequently Asked Questions

NSI is an IT Managed Service Provider or MSP for short. NSI is also specialized in IT Security and can be referred to as a Managed Security Service Provider or MSSP. Another term you may hear or see is ITSP or IT Service Provider. These are a few of the industry terms used for a technology service provider or technology management company. An MSP/MSSP/ITSP has a breath of knowledge and tools to support your business 24/7/365 using state of the art remote monitoring, security, and automation. Unlike having no IT department or having one IT technician, A Managed Service Provider can provide all the technical services your need now and well into the future.

NSI serves small to medium-sized businesses in all types of industries such as health care, non-profit, service-based business, manufacturing, engineering, legal and construction. A good business fit is a company that can relate to the following situations:

  • Not sure what I need so I would like a FREE Consultation or Q&A to learn more first
  • I don’t have in-house IT staff and need help
  • I don’t have a clear business IT strategy
  • I am getting poor results from my current IT provider
  • My current IT provider does not respond as fast as I’d like
  • I just want my technology to be more reliable and work consistently
  • My company staff and I are often troubleshooting computer issues
  • I don’t have time to keep up with the management of the network including security updates, software updates and patches
  • I need more time or control over my business
  • I’m worried about security (i.e. viruses, hackers, malware or ransomware) and losing everything
  • I’m worried about HIPAA or PCI compliance and need an audit

That answer depends on how much you value your business or not. If you value gaining efficiencies, saving on IT costs, value your business data, peace of mind or want a plan for success then it won’t seem expensive at all. To give you an idea of costs, NSI has some services starting as low as $49 per/mo. on up to $2500 per/mo. so there is something in there for everyone’s budget or situation.

Our Managed IT Services pricing is based on a monthly/subscription model just like you would pay for Internet or Microsoft, Amazon, Google and other similar providers. Project work is based on that particular project and so costs may vary but are agreed upon before commencing work. Break/Fix or Ad-hoc support is generally higher than what our managed services clients would pay.

Yes of course. We work with internal staff as well as any external vendors you may have. We will partner with you to assist in any way we can.

NSI has the latest remote access technology and tools to give us the capability to connect to you fast and securely to fix your computer or network issues and get you back to work quickly. If the issue cannot be fixed remotely then we will dispatch a technician to your site as soon as possible.

Yes. Our HelpDesk is for our Managed IT Services clients in which you can enter in a support ticket via the website or call or text us the issue and we can enter in the ticket on your behalf. The Client Support Center is for all other customers that may need technical support for the first time or have contacted us before but don’t have a support contract with us.

Please let us know what other questions you may have or what we can add to our FAQ page to make it more useful. You can also use our Contact form to get in touch.