S Ventures Invests in Guardz to Revolutionize Cybersecurity for SMBs

We are thrilled to announce our latest S Ventures investment in Guardz, a unified cybersecurity platform built to empower MSPs to secure and insure small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

A Modern Approach to Cybersecurity for SMBs

SMBs today face a unique set of challenges when it comes to protecting against the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. With cloud and SaaS adoption, SMBs’ IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex to manage. This is coupled with limited budgets and staff, making it difficult for SMBs to acquire and deploy best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. With 88% of the SMB market turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for cybersecurity protection, there is a critical need to build a scalable, easy-to-use cybersecurity platform that is specifically tailored to the needs of MSPs and their SMB customers.

In comes Guardz – addressing this gap head-on and developing a modern approach for SMB cybersecurity. The Guardz platform combines a robust cybersecurity technology and deep insurance expertise that ensures MSPs and their SMB customers can proactively safeguard their digital assets against a myriad of cyber threats, mitigate cybersecurity risks, and prevent the next cybersecurity attack.

“Guardz offers a modern approach to protect the underserved SMB market, developing a  unified cybersecurity solution that is built for MSPs from day one. This investment underscores SentinelOne’s unwavering commitment to pioneering cybersecurity solutions and amplifies our partner-first philosophy.”

Ken Marks, Vice President, Worldwide Channels & MSSP

The Guardz platform is uniquely designed specifically for MSPs protecting their SMB customers. Instead of offering traditional point solutions that are hard to manage and deploy, Guardz offers a unified SaaS-based multi-tenant platform that integrates, collects, analyzes, and provides insights on top of a variety of security tools, ranging from email, endpoint, identity, browser filtering, cloud security and awareness and training programs.

Purpose-Built, Proactive Cybersecurity Supporting SMB Customers

With 43% of cyber attacks targeting SMBs and 61% of SMBs failing to get adequate cybersecurity insurance, the demand for a new approach specifically tailored to the needs of SMBs is stronger than ever. As a result, there is an increasing number of MSPs turning to provide cybersecurity solutions for their SMB customers. Cybersecurity spending for SMBs is going to reach $109B in 2026, accounting for 60% of the total spending on cyber security worldwide.

Powered by AI, Guardz is equipped with automated detection and response capabilities that enable MSPs to take a proactive approach to securing SMBs’ digital assets across emails, devices, data, and cloud applications. It is a cost-effective solution, offering full-stack cybersecurity from a single pane of glass.

With a low-touch, self-serve model, MSPs can now easily onboard their end users and attract new customers by leveraging the Guardz’s efficient prospecting capabilities, accurate reporting, and complete coverage insurance.

Why We Invested in Guardz

From day one of its inception, SentinelOne recognized the importance of supporting SMBs and our partners in their quest for cybersecurity resilience. Our investment in Guardz reflects our dedication to always being partner-first. By aligning with Guardz, we’re not only investing in a company, we’re championing a safer digital ecosystem for SMBs worldwide. Guardz’s market approach resonates with our vision of democratizing access to cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, ensuring businesses of all sizes can defend themselves with the same level of sophistication and efficacy as larger enterprises.

Led by an experienced team with a track record building and scaling businesses for SMBs and MSPs, Guardz is well poised to set a new standard for SMB cybersecurity and we at S Ventures are excited to back such an important mission. As we embark on this journey together, our focus remains steadfast on innovating, empowering, and protecting businesses worldwide. Together, we look forward to a future where every SMB can operate with confidence.

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