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On a sizzling summer night, you pull into a fast-food drive-through and are greeted by an automated voice that recognizes your past mobile app orders. The menu board surprises you with personalized recommendations, but what amazes you most is the next-level convenience. Instead of waiting at the window, you are directed to park in a designated area where they locate you and deliver your freshly prepared meal. This seamless customer experience sets the drive-through apart. You’ll definitely come back.

As you drive off, you wonder how they securely and reliably power and connect all their technology (cameras, Wi-Fi, and the digital menu board) in challenging outdoor conditions—whether it’s on a hot summer day, during a cold snowy winter, or on a menu board that needs to fit in a tight space. More importantly, how do their IT experts deploy new sites rapidly, manage firmware updates, and troubleshoot devices across thousands of locations globally?

The answer: extend seamless experiences with a cloud-managed ruggedized switch

Businesses need to power new customer and employee experience possibilities, regardless of industry. To achieve that, you can leverage IoT devices (like outdoor cameras) and Wi-Fi to ensure real-time communication, physical safety, intelligent analytics, and reliable operations in rugged environments. A cloud-managed ruggedized switch is ideal for managing network and security in one place across remote locations.


Meet the MS130R and extend connectivity and security to hot/cold/tight spaces. It is designed to:

Power more use cases with 30 W PoE+, IP30 protection, and support from -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 158°F)
Adapt to your installation needs with flexible mounting and power options
Connect outdoor access points, cameras, and other IoT devices in hot/cold/tight environments
Be used in locations such as parking lots, pop-up events, non-temperature-controlled spaces, outdoor kiosks, and hospitality venues like golf courses and ski resorts
Unleash operational efficiency and streamline remote management with the powerful and intuitive Meraki cloud-managed dashboard
Protect true edge environments by leveraging Adaptive Policy* with MS130R

The MS130R seamlessly extends common policies from campus to branch to harsh environments, helping you deliver secure networks that evolve with your organization and bolster growth

* MS130R is hardware-ready for the Adaptive Policy feature, with a future firmware upgrade and Advanced license.

Cross two hurdles in one leap: reduce costs and complexity with unified PoE power and network management.

Extending the power and connectivity to these environments is no easy feat.

By utilizing one single Ethernet cable for both power and network access, you not only simplify the installation process and lower costs, but also enable centralized monitoring and control for all relevant devices. The ability to remotely turn off ports and connected devices (like the menu board in the example) at a scheduled time is a great way to achieve sustainability and cost savings.

Peace of mind: manage and troubleshoot no matter how remote

When you deploy and manage end-to-end cloud-managed networks, from cameras to access points, switches, and security, it empowers your network team to manage effectively and unlock insights without adding operational complexity.

Once a Meraki switch is plugged into the network, users will automatically gain an intuitive, interactive topology map that provides unparalleled visibility and control for the entire network. With proactive alerts and powerful live tools like packet capture (PCAP), cable test, and cycle port, your team can effectively see everything and troubleshoot on one dashboard.

The refreshed topology map provides an integrated health overview, device details, and client details on a single page. This feature will be available in the Early Access program soon.

Learn what else you can power with the new MS130R

Discover how Meraki can securely power and connect your technology in challenging conditions and experience the peace of mind that centralized management and troubleshooting capabilities bring, even in remote locations. Visit our page to learn more about the new MS130 and MS130R switches or listen to our recent podcast episode.

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