Welcoming Our New President & Chief Revenue Officer | Q&A with Michael Cremen 

Today, we are thrilled to welcome Michael Cremen to SentinelOne as our President and Chief Revenue Officer. Michael is an accomplished international executive with extensive GTM experience in scaling software and SaaS companies. He will be responsible for the planning, development and global execution of our GTM strategy as we continue to evolve our business and deliver industry-leading growth.

Michael joins us from Elastic, a data search, observability and security company, where he was responsible for the global sales organization and field operations. Prior to joining Elastic, Michael was the Chief Revenue Officer at Cohesity and also served at Veritas Technologies and Hitachi, Ltd. in executive leadership roles.

We sat down with Michael to learn more about his decision to join SentinelOne and get his early thoughts on our rapidly growing business, industry-leading tech, stellar customer portfolio and award-winning culture.

Why SentinelOne?

When I consider joining an organization, I look at five key factors, and SentinelOne scored off the charts in each of these categories:

Product/Market fit
Long-term Vision of the CEO
Continuous Innovation and R&D
Market Reputation and Partnerships
People and Culture

SentinelOne is a company of firsts, driven by a unique vision and amazing technology. We were first to incorporate generative AI into cybersecurity, and we continue to bring innovations to market that help our customers see the future and secure it today. We are the global leader in AI security. This kind of innovation is the foundation of our market reputation, and that’s an early source of pride for me.

We were recently named the Best AI-Based CyberSecurity Solution Provider by the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards. And we are a top choice among customers, with 96 percent of end users who participated in the latest Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice for Endpoint Protection Platforms report saying they would recommend us.

We are growing at a rapid pace, faster than any other public security company, and we are committed to scaling our business to support this growth. All of this was very compelling to me. But what really sealed the deal was the culture. During my interview process, I asked those I met what they loved most about SentinelOne, and the answer was the same – the People. I needed to be a part of that.

What are your first impressions of our Business and our Sentinels?

For me, it’s a perfect fit! Our Business is progressive and proactive. We are constantly evolving to better protect our customers against the evolving threat landscape. And our Sentinels are second-to-none when it comes to customer focus, relentlessness, diligence and dedication to our mission.

What do you see happening in the market?

We are seeing a proliferation of cyber incidents, new software vulnerabilities and an uptick in the use of AI-based attack methods – all of which have exposed the shortcomings of many cybersecurity vendors.

The opportunity in the cloud security market is enormous, and it’s constantly evolving. There’s a massive data explosion, and no one is better prepared to harness and secure enterprise data better than SentinelOne. The value of one comprehensive platform allows for consolidation of products and improved business continuity. And the future is bright – AI is foundational for SentinelOne, and as the leader in this space, we will continue to define the future of cybersecurity.

What opportunity do you see in the cloud security market?

In the cloud security market, we see a significant opportunity. While it’s currently fragmented, our strong presence in workload security positions us as a clear leader. What excites me is our product roadmap, which will continue to differentiate our platform and cloud solutions from the standalone CSPM solutions we see today. Our platform-centric approach will offer a unique solution to cloud security, reducing complexity, increasing protection and reducing risk. Customers and partners can expect us to deliver mature, innovative, and complete cloud security solutions, setting a new industry standard and leading the way in this vital cybersecurity arena.

What can our customers and partners expect of you?

They can expect visibility and engagement from me – around the world and across the industry. Everything I do as a GTM leader has a partner-centric approach. I will operate as their champion within SentinelOne and with our partners. I will make investments across each aspect of our GTM business and strengthen alignment with our Product and Engineering teams. Finally, I will ask for and look forward to constant feedback so that I can ensure our teams are supporting our customers and partners in the most optimal way possible.

What is your vision for the future of SentinelOne under your leadership?

My vision is to solidify SentinelOne as the undisputed leader in AI-driven cybersecurity. I want us to continue expanding our global reach, empowering organizations of all sizes to protect their organizations from endpoint to cloud with confidence. We’ll achieve this through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless commitment to customer success.

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